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A Beginner's Guide to Chakra Meditation

8 months ago

Exercise & Meditation :: Five Benefits of Advanced Yoga Training for a Better You

Aside from the light yoga which you can perform at home using an instructional DVD or family exercise, you may want to raise your yoga training onto a higher standard through advanced yoga. Advanced yoga techniques mainly emphasize on building up read more...

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Top 100 Yoga Blogs | Psychology of Eating

Here are our picks forTop 100 YogaBlogs.Please enjoy! Here atThe Institute for the Psychology o read more...

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Koan Meditation by Sandra Markcrow

A Koan is a question or a puzzle given to a meditator to contemplate during a meditation session. The object is to think long and hard about the question and try to solve the puzzle. It does not matter whether you are right or wrong in your conclu read more...

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Happiness :: Mindfulness – Guided Technique

Mindfulness - Guided Technique

Mindful meditation is all about being mindful and being present. In our life, we frequently function on autopilot, which means that we are hiding inside our own thoughts and then not aware of what is going on read more...

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Hollywood guru Bikram sells yoga to ugly society | Reuters